Tantra Tibetan Massage | Brahma Massage in Barcelona

Renew your body with a sensual, slow and deep massage with the lingam or nuru ending

Experience the pleasure of our authentic Brahma Center Tantric Massage, an erotic energy massage technique where the energies of the masseur and client flow and merge as hands and bodies come into touch. In the tantric massage there is no sexual penetration but massaging the genitals and sexual organs is the basis of this massage.

According to Hindu tradition, tantric massage facilitates personal growth through the experimentation and channeling of pleasure and sexual impulse, thus, this massage is applied as a way to achieve pleasures beyond the merely sexual.

Tantric massage is a technique that tends to seek and promote the receiver’s pleasure and lead to a much more intense orgasm without having complete sexual relations.

It does imply the touch of the male or female sexual organs, making it one of the most intimate and erotic massages. It is considered very sensitive because you never lose physical or visual contact between the two bodies, giver and receiver.

Tantric massage, therefore, ends with the Lingam Massage (for him), or Yoni Massage (for her) and a profound and intense orgasm.


  • 60 minutes: 140€

  • 75 minutes: 180€

  • 90 minutes: 210€

  • 120 minutes: 280€



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