Erotic Body Treatments Barcelona Brahma | Treatment with gold and caviar

A highly energizing session that stimulates and balances the skin’s vital energy with a great erotic end


  • 75 minutes: 230€

  • 90 minutes: 290€

  • 120 minutes: 380€

A highly energizing session that stimulates and balances the vital energy of the skin. We use a cosmetics and products of the highest quality suitable for all skin types, which provide luminosity, better muscle tone while nourishing the deeper layers of the skin, which are precisely where our cells absorb nutrients.

The powerful properties of 24K GOLD in a colloidal state and in nanoparticles have been known since the beginning of time and provide everything that our skin needs to look radiant and rejuvenated. The most important benefits and qualities of GOLD particles is that they are purifying, detoxifying, energizing (Gold) and anti-aging (caviar).

GOLD 24k: Pure GOLD is a venerated and used ingredient since ancient times (the Ming Dynasty) to delay the process of aging. An energizing ingredient that balances and stimulates our vital energy, renewing and revitalizing our skin’s natural defenses and resistance to the elements.

CAVIAR: Caviar has a very high content of essential amino acids, proteins, oligoelements, phospholipids and fatty acids responsible for the efficiency of intracellular cement. It has nourishing, restructuring, vitalizing properties that improve the texture and relief of the skin, providing firmness and tonicity that help rejuvenate its appearance.

BENTONITE: Bentonite is a type of clay that contains several minerals and vitamins. It detoxifies the body and strengthens the immune system, helping eliminate toxins from the skin.

We offer sessions with a minimum duration of 75 min, adapting the treatment to a sensual and relaxing encounter with the aim to stimulate all your body from within, not just the exterior, by means of a new concept of treatment designed at Brahma Erotic Massage Center.
The treatment has several stages:

We begin with a mutual shower or peeling on a massage table, where we will eliminate dead skin cells providing freshness and cleanliness to the skin. Once the scrub is performed, we will cover the body with 24k Gold and afterwards the wrap your body so that we facilitate the absorption of nutrients.

In the meantime, we will give you a cranial or foot massage while you enjoy the benefits of our luxurious treatment.

Finally, to complete the experience, we will give you our special Body to Body Massage or a gentle Relaxing Massage to hydrate the skin.



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