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Our menu of Erotic Body Treatments is a service aimed at adults, men, women and couples

In Brahma Massages We have designed special body treatments in order to stimulate every inch of your body from its depths, with a new concept of erotic body treatments formulated in various experiences on each session.

Using cosmetics of the highest quality, suitable for all skin types, we offer our treatments that not only leave you as good as new, but also help you to feel better physically and emotionally.

In Brahma we believe that the erotic goes beyond the sexual, as well as health and well-being go beyond the physical, for that reason, we have created these treatments for those clients that wish to indulge in a complete session where we take care of all aspects of the person: body, mind and soul without forgetting the sensuality and eroticism that accompany all our services.

The minimum duration of these erotic treatment and massage sessions is 75 minutes, adapting each of the treatments to a massage that not only is sensual but healthy and relaxing. All of our treatments are also adapted to the characteristics and preferences of our clients.

Tratamiento Corporal Erótico con Chocolate | Masajes Brahma

Chocolate Treatment

Indulge in a sweet caprice and let yourself get carried away by the health and erotic properties of cocoa
Tratamientos Corporales Eróticos Barcelona Brahma | Tratamiento con oro y caviar

Gold and Caviar Sublime

A highly energizing session that stimulates and balances the skin’s vital energy with a great erotic end
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