Differences between Tantric and Erotic Massage Techniques

There are several differences between a tantric massage and an erotic massage. We explain to you those differences.
Is a Tantric Massage session for men and erotic experience?

Differences between Tantric and Erotic Massage TechniquesA good sensual massage can be an erotic experience for many clients, with or without the masseuse trying for that to happen, but, properly speaking an erotic massage does not contemplate all elements that a good tantric massage for men must include. The focus of a massage therapist for the male client will be totally different in both types of massages.

For an erotic masseuse, the intention is clear: the energy is more physical, and the goal is his/her pleasure. For example, if we have a tantric male therapist for men, the connection between both will be more affectionate, subtle, stronger and more intense. One must be more alert and aware of his body language to guide and make the recipient feel confident outside of his/her comfort zone, so they can explore their sexuality. The goal is to teach the person how to connect with their sexual energy and how to use it for their own benefit.

Obviously, there are several differences between both. An erotic massage is just something to experience, totally physical without any implicit learning or guidance, and its only goal is to achieve pleasure.

Tantric massage is a form of spiritual therapy where the person experiences the pleasure of feeling their 7 Chakras connecting with their sexual energy and learning to regenerate their body with it. In this case, there is a greater implication for the therapist.

Tantric massage is a philosophy of life not only an experience, it is a beautiful, present and conscious journey of the now.

Only a few real tantra goddesses could provide a tantric massage. You can contact us to find out which goddesses are available and book your appointment.